Missing services for Google App Engine (comet as a service!)

Google App Engine is a great product, but it lacks several features. I created few simple services to help GAE developers. Of course services aren't GAE specific, you can use them from any site.

The services are:

  • Image resizing
  • Cron service
  • Comet service

Image resizing
One can't easily resize image on Google architecture - they blocked PIL. This service just resizes images and uploads them back to your site.
Cron service
Sometimes you need to do something on regular intervals like collecting garbage or updating counters. This service just wgets your url at specified hour.

Comet daemon service
This is my favorite. I wondered if it's possible to create a web service that would allow developers to easily write comet sites. It wasn't easy but finally here it is. Now you don't have to have your own advanced comet server. You can use my service instead! Maybe someone will be interested in possibility to outsource comet servers.

During the work I solved many very interesting problems, but that's a topic for another post.

The only major limitation is that you have to own a domain. You can't build comet application and serve it from *.appspot.com.

Of course you can download the source code of my examples from Google App Engine.

I see it fascinating to use Google's infrastructure connected with other people (my?) services and create really advanced sites without touching the servers. That brings new possibilities. I'm really excited about it.


Unknown said...

Really excellent services you've put together. Are you planning on open-sourcing them at all? I'm particularly interested in the Comet service, personally.

cdp777 said...

I am just starting to investigate what you have put together and its very nice. Bravo!

Just Another Software Developer said...

Is it really working ... i doubt!
at least inmy case... im geting an error ... instead of chat

movq.net is not working!

majek said...

> Is it really working ... i doubt!

Yes, I disabled the service because of a lack of interest. This prototype was running for more than 6 months! This is much longer than I expected.

But I still have working code somewhere, so if you're interested in it, just leave me a message.

Unknown said...

You said you brought down the service. i would like to try your services esp cron and comet.
how do you propose to proceed?

majek said...

> Srikanth Pagadala:
> You said you brought down theservice.

For the comet stuff you can see my new project EvServer.

Cron stuff is quite easy to implement in house - if you have access to any server.

Unknown said...

tried out the simple chat and i get error http://test.movq.net/shoutbox/?username=user_u3hf

error sendingReferenceError: ajax_crossdomain is not defined

tried on firfox 3.5.2 and ie7

Unknown said...

anyone has similar problem cross domain?

majek said...


Yes, I disabled the service. You still can play with the code if you like to.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a service that also solves comet on App engine: