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Ipad thoughts

A quick bunch of fresh thoughts on Ipad (I had no experience with Iphone):

  • That the machine you'd like to take with you to the toilet or to the kitchen. Laptops are just too big.
  • Yes, one doesn't know where to tap/click. I didn't know where to tap to buy app on Appstore!
  • I'm missing the back button very much. Maybe that will go away when multitasking comes in.
  • The back button in Safari is very far away (top left corner, the furthest possible place for right-handed). It's also way too small.
  • It's hard to open and close tabs in Safari.
  • Jailbreaking firmware 3.2 works of the box. It's easier than navigating through Appstore.
  • Fingerprints on a glass or just dirty glass doesn't make any difference. That's cool.
  • The "home" physical button is sometimes in weird places - when you rotate Ipad in the wrong direction, which happens pretty often.
  • Obviously, for most things Ipad is useless without access to Wifi.
  • It is heavy.
  • It looks like Safari isn't swapped out/killed. You want multitasking - just open a new web page and leave it in the background.
  • Iphone apps are useless, they have too small screen. 2x zoom mode helps, but not a lot.
  • Wifi reception is pretty weak (as compared to other devices).
  • Numbers (spreadsheet from Apple) is brilliant.


Memory matters - even in Erlang

I played with pretty interesting bug, or maybe a feature, in Erlang VM. Read more on LShift blog.