Python is the winner.

Usually I don't comment the news on the web, but this one is in my opinion really important.

Google made App Engine. Now you can write web applications in Python and run them on Google infrastructore. The main advantages?

  • ultra scalability for renderer servers
  • ultra scalability for database
  • easy deploy
  • rather cheap
  • auto load-balancing
What they miss?
  • memcached / advanced cache
  • comet support
  • view layer integration (so you can easily plug in/out parts of your app)

I predicted this in June.

In my opinion Python got it's awaited killer app. We'll see, maybe tomorrow Google will add Rails support, it will change the game once more (and they will, the question is only when).

So what is going to happen next? Yahoo is out the game, Microsoft is not interested in web apps. Maybe Amazon will create their EC2 as platform for hosting web apps, or maybe Facebook will start to host php applications.

Google for sure is going to add new features and for now is winning the race. Google is really starting to own the web.


[pl] Bootstrap 8.4 - Tomasz Lis

Oto prezentacja Tomka Lisa z sobotniego Bootstrapa "Od startupu do fakapu, czyli co z tym gronem…". Sorry za jakość, ale to wszystko co ten sprzęt potrafi. Chrząknięcia i szepty należą do Sebastiana.

Update 1
Jesli google video nie działa, to tu jest źródłowy wmv.

Update 2
Ostatnie pięć minut okazało się być czarną planszą. Teraz mam nadzieję już wszystko widać.

Motoman controlled by Haptic

It's a lot of fun to control a robot with the Haptic. I like the way the robot moves.