Undusting the blog

It's time to undust this blog a bit. Here is the list of my recent posts on LShift blog, with a word of comment:

  • Introducing RabbitMQ-Status plugin. Well, this plugin is intended to help sysadmins understand what's happening inside Rabbit. Stupid, simple, robust: the way sysadmin stuff should be.
  • Python Quirks. My rant about Python language. I like Python in general, but it has some dark corners and stuff that nobody uses or understands. I tried to sum up things that I would change in the language. This things should at least be better documented.
  • YDB: yet another key-value database. I was disappointed with BDB/TC write performance, so decided to hack together something. I wanted to prove if I could beat them.
  • Python Queue Interface for AMQP. Python Queue interface is nice. It's a shame that it's not scalable across many machines. I tried (and partially failed) to implement similar API over AMQP.

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Misty said...

i luv ur blog!!!! (: and the way that u designed it, awesome!!!