Jukebox XSRF

In Lshift we use Tony’s erlang jukebox, it's great, anyone can play music at the office. I found XSRF there and exploited it maliciously. Every time someone from inside the office opens this blog, Britney is being played.

The exploit is not especially complicated:
<form id='f' method="post" enctype="text/plain"
action="http://jukebox/rpc/jukebox" >

The hardest part was to hide somewhere the equal sign from the syntax key=value that's used when encoding is text/plain. My code inserts equal sign into the song owner json field.

That's it. It's quite hard to avoid such issues. I prefer checking the referer field on all incoming POST queries, but this method also is not perfect.

So beware of XSRF!

Update #1:
I removed this malicious feature from this blog. I don't want to loose potential readers from inside Lshift office. I'm also not a fan of Britney...

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