Innovation is illegal

New, interesting technologies on the web are often criticized, sued and sometimes even ruined by the court rulings. There are a lot of lawsuits on new technologies.

Let's bring a few important technologies that were(are?) considered illegal by some people:

Don't forget about bad companies that created Iphone, Chrome and Earth. Those companies should be banned from creating new software! They should be like Microsoft and produce only upgrades. Oh, sorry, Vista also had problems.

By definition, innovation is changing the status quo. Someone is making money on it, others are out of business.

Innovation is often on the edge of the law. The law is adopted afterwards.

In my opinion most of interesting, innovative, technologies on the web can be accused of breaking copyright or patent laws. Accept it and get a good lawyer on your next startup.

And remember, in this game the last man standing wins.

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aphexcloud said...


There is a number of levels i get on board but there are a few that i can not.

1.google street view needs to be out dated due to stalkers but its use over all should be legal.

2. polar rose would need to be handled VERY carefully as you assume that each individual posts their face on the internet then sets their profile to public and then uses their birth name on said profile i personally do not have any photos or my real name on the internet if i was to post both in separate places it has the chance it will link me to my face and i would be unhappy about this invasion of personal privacy.

3. gambling is a hard enough to curb to a healthy level at the best of times why make it easier for people to take up a damaging habit. drugs and tobacco and alcohol you must be prescribed or of age to purchase i think the same hindrances should be put on gambling as it is very harmful to the self and public .


i agree that there is allot left to be desired when it comes to innervation in technology but where you may think they are fine and dandy others may have a very different opinion this is why a board from the UN should be formed to make standards to conform to when innervating (not a law just some guidelines for your technology to be legal as not all countries carry the same values as yourself.