Ideas are free

Ideas are free, so here’s the list of mine (previous ideas here).

I still think that the next big thing is an open social network, so that anyone can write an extension to it. Something like Facebook api, but hosted on a provider side. That’s why I believe in GAE. Open and easily extendable social network is the web3.0 for me.

The new idea is to create a Reddit tracker. When you submit something to reddit/dig you’re probably interested who up/downvoted, when it was seen on the front page. I believe that more detailed statistics can show very interesting results. For example maybe tutorials are on the front page for few hours, and than downvoted rapidly. I think that more community news (like Django stuff) is being upvoted smoother. Aren’t you interested what keywords are more popular? Of course except for erlang or lisp keywords. Or maybe your next top 10 whatever news just have to be popular because of the unique title?

Just another idea is to sell/give away hardware, that will measure current meteo conditions. I’d like to have current temperature and wind screen on my computer. The point is of course to collect the meteo data in a central point and create weather forecasts based on this data. Currently forecasts are based on low number of high quality stations. The idea is to create forecasts based on high number of low quality data. I see the computing challenge in collecting the huge amount of data.

Yet another idea, is to create web testing framework on the web. Maybe just create something like Sahi in your browser. That’ll make easier to create tests for your webapp.

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