Crisis with asynchronous programming

I'm currently designing an application. It's going to be quite simple linux network daemon which will serve some data from disk.

Looks simple. I can easily predict that the bottleneck can be either disk IO or network bandwidth. Nowadays it's obvious that high performance network daemon must be done 100% asynchronous.

The problem is that there isn't yet any technology that allows full asynchronous programming. Okay, there is libevent or liboop for C, twisted for python. But I mean full asynchronous, with fully async stat(2) and open(2) syscalls.

There are projects that try to handle this issues. For example lighttpd have specialized thread pool just for managing stat(2). I don't want to do it this way. I want simple to use, fully async, portable library that will allow me to code in the 100% right way.

And please don't tell me that there isn't a need for aio_open or aio_stat (example). Disks aren't faster than five years ago, so access to metadata on disk is becoming relatively slower. But Linus doesn't think the problem exists.

I can't believe that in 21st century there isn't any simple solution to such a trivial problem.

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