Some random Nmap ideas

There were some interesting projects that were using nmap. For example Doug Hoyte Qscan idea. I hope his work won't be forgotten.

But there are also some interesting projects on my desk.

I think there is a possibility to implement Lcamtuf 0trace as nse script. This could be an add on to my p0f script. In 0trace we're of course interested in last hops only because standard traceroute was already implemented in nmap by Eddie.

Adding bind(2) to nsock library can also be very interesting. The effect won't be tremendous, but implementing this seems really challenging.

The biggest project I would like to end writing is General Scanning Engine. Unfortunately the project needs to be completely rewritten. I would like to see GSE plugins written in Nmap Scripting Engine. I must think if there's simpler design than the design I proposed during Google's Summer of Code'06.

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